• Angelique Mon Petit
    Well It's another day at work for all I'd care obviously It's me who has to work! Not my dad much less my brothers. So yeah here I am going to my financial adviser whatever office and practically I'm financial adviser to Mr. & Mrs. Webster! They're sweet fellows they are except that they trust someone else not me.... So wait! WHAT THE HECK AM I WORKING FOR ANYWAY?! "Um Anj? Why'd you stop in the middle of the doorway for?" Oh crap! It's Simon my boss! "Well I just ahm... I think I kinda dropped my contacts here some-" "Anj, you don't wear contacts." " Um YEAH! Right! It's um... my CONTACTS paper heh no biggie." "Oh okay let me help you look for it. So what exactly does it look like since..." Oh man I really really had a big crush on S…
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