Lulu Hetherington, is a fictional character created by Sophie Kinsella. She is the best friend of Susan "Suze" Cleath-Stuart and an enemy of Becky Brandon. Lulu is the godmother to Suze's twins Wilfrid and Clementine

Shopaholic & SisterEdit

She was introduced in the fourth novel as Suze's newest best friend and a mother of four children. Lulu could relate to her since she had children of her own. However upon meeting Becky, both women immediately dislikes each other. As she saw that Lulu is horse-face, bossy and hypocritical. In turn obviously thinks that Becky is immature, childish, irresponsible and misunderstanding. During a horse riding trip, she often ridiculed her for taking a horse shopping, Becky got offended when she heard Suze laughing. Later on after Lulu left, Suze upon realizing that both of them despise one another, pleads with Becky to get along with her. She knew what she went through because she is a mother and they're planning a mother and baby time at the spa. Becky refuses and defends herself, stating that Lulu doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt because she humiliated her earlier on. She would answer Becky's call when she needed to talk to Suze about her problems and invite her to the butterfly farm.

Shopaholic & BabyEdit

Their obvious hatred for each other continued in the fifth novel when a pregnant Becky had enough of Lulu because she was driving her nuts and tells her off that she only pretended to get along with her for Suze's sake. A private detective that she hired in secret to spy on Luke and Venetia(whom she suspected of havig a secret affair), hands her photos in a manila file that exposes her as the fraud she saw Lulu as. She is being hassled by her own children by yelling at them, letting them eat junk food and drink soda. When Becky finally showed them to Suze in private during her baby shower, she saw Lulu as the hypocritical fraud she is. However when she encouraged Suze to expose her on an article in the British tabloid The Daily World, she refused to expose her on her own show and prefers to keep them in a closet to cheer her up.