Shopaholic & Baby, is the fifth novel from the Shopaholic series and chick-lit from British author, Sophie Kinsella.

Plot Synopsis:Edit

Becky is now heavily pregnant with her first child, and is happily preparing for the arrival of her newborn. While getting a sonogram with Luke, it's revealed that they don't know the sex of the baby because Luke wants it to be a surprise. After he and the sonographer leave the room for a moment, Becky takes the ultrasound stick to find out for herself. She initially thinks that they are having a boy, but when the sonographer catches her using the equipment, she explains to Becky that she was looking at her bladder. Becky and Luke have recently sold their flat in order to buy a house, but have difficulty finding a place that meets her specific qualifications. The biggest being a state of the art Shoe Room. Becky's relationship with Jess has drastically improved in the last couple of months. Though she persists that Becky do environmentally-conscience things like make her own baby wipes, and use a recycled crib. Becky's friendship with Suze has also improved, though she still doesn't like her new friend, Lulu, being boring and drab. Luke has also been under a lot of stress due to his company's business partnership with Arcodas.

While shopping at Bambino, Becky hears about a celebrity obstetrician named Venetia Carter, who has just moved back from L.A. and wants to have her. Luke is against it for a personal reason and wants to stick with his family's obstetrician, Dr. Braine(whom Becky never liked being he's old-fashioned and boring). She convinces Luke to go with her to an appointment and discovers his real reason why he was against switching obstetricians from the start. It turns out Venetia is Luke's ex-girlfriend. Becky is taken aback toward her flirtatious behavior with Luke, but dismisses it when she finds out Venetia already has a boyfriend.

Unfortunately for Becky, she learns that Venetia has broken up with her significant other after he went back to his wife, and that Venetia has a penchant for married men. As the novel progresses, Becky grows more and more suspicious of the relationship between Luke and Venetia; even going as far as to hire a private detective. Closer to the end of her pregnancy, Venetia spitefully confesses that she and Luke were meant together and that Luke marrying Becky was a mistake, but he doesn't want to jeopardize being in his child's life. Becky is extremely hurt and shocked and plans to catch Venetia in the act after Luke attends a party with her. An extremely miserable Becky arrives at the party to find Venetia and Luke dancing. She passes out. Luke denies any romantic involvement with Venetia, but Becky is suspicious. The couple decide to go back to their original obstetrician.

While at her baby shower, Becky finds a love note sent by Venetia. She goes to the birthing center in order to confront her, and pretends to be in early labor in order to do so. Becky's plan backfires when she finds her family and friends arriving for the presumed birth. Venetia then arrives in the hospital room to check up on the baby. Becky tells Luke, what she plans to do to ruin them.

At first Luke is in disbelief and questions Venetia on her anticipating actions. She admits what she thinks and even goes as far as to question his marriage to Becky. Enraged, Luke tells Venetia off that Becky is more caring than her because she puts everyone before herself. Sure she goes shopping, but she supports him and he reaffirms his love for her. He reveals to everyone that Venetia cared more for herself and had a pregnancy scare in order to get him to marry her while they were in college. Luke refused and called off the relationship. He explains that Becky was trying to help him in keeping morale for his company up while he was dealing with Arcodas. It was then she tells Luke they lost their family home and it was sold to someone else. Becky tries to think positive by attempting to rent out a flat. Suze offers her and Luke, their family's summer home in Scotland because they never use it. However, Jane insists they live with her and Graham until they can find another home. Then, she confronts Venetia for her cruel actions against Becky while she was in labor. Both Jane and Luke orders her to get out of their lives at once. Venetia reluctantly leaves as Dr. Braine arrives to assist Paula with the pregnancy. Becky soon gives birth to a baby girl, whom they name Minnie. For a time being, Becky, Luke and Minnie lives with her parents until they can find a new home.